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5 lifestyle changes to lose belly fat

5 lifestyle changes to lose belly fat

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01/6 – What lifestyle changes should you make for weight loss

Even though different people lose weight differently, most people have their belly as the problem area. Losing belly fat is hard to achieve for most people and in women, this problem is much more prominent. Besides being the hub of stubborn fats, belly fat also poses great risk to our health. But you don’t have to worry, we bring to you five lifestyle changes which will help you lose belly weight faster!

02/6 – Stay hydrated

Drinking water is the best way to lose weight and maintain health, but drinking more fluids like detox water, green tea, black tea, black coffee, fruit juices etc. Having such drinks is great for your health and your fat because they help you keep fuller for longer intervals of time, preventing you from eating unhealthy stuff and munching on snacks that are rich in sugar or refined oils.

03/6 – Say no to sugary foods

Sugary foods are full of wetness and oxytocin. There isn’t anything that is tastier than a handful of sugar rich snacks but it is one of those things that are most harmful for your health. Often known as slow poison, sugar stays on the body for much longer periods of time and is difficult to shed. Foods such as donuts, cakes, chocolates, cookies etc are rich in unsaturated fats which are bad for weight.

04/6 – Yes to protein rich foods

Proteins help keep you feel for longer periods of time because they take time to digest. Reducing cravings and helping you go on with full energy is another thing that proteins do for you. The best foods to add to your diet for proteins are dal, oats, green vegetables, eggs and almonds.

05/6 – Reduce salt

Salt has sodium that reduces bloating in the body which slows down metabolism. A slow metabolic rate makes it difficult for one to lose weight. Dieticians recommend people to have dinner before 8 PM. This is because metabolism keeps slowing down as the day proceeds, making it tough for the body to digest such foods.

06/6 – Add whole grains

Whole grains are versatile and they are much more effective and helpful for losing weight when compared to refined grains. Bread, atta, biscuits and other products that contain refined grains are less helpful but consuming whole grains is extremely helpful for weight loss. Make sure you add whole grains to your diet in one way or another.

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