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About us

Brief History

Our brands

Who are we

A Company that in time has managed to develop several different brands forming a Conglomerate of Internet and Mass Media companies, headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa.

People are at the heart and soul of Sharp Sharp iT. Together with our growing unique online audience, We are a multi-platform content companies. Our stable of fine, quality publications focusing on online publications have a loyal readership combined in excess of 500.000 per month local and international readers.

Today information is a strategic resource for the successful operation and development of every sector in business strategy is needed for the development of information and communication infrastructure.

Sharp Sharp iT Africa, SSiTV Africa popularly known as SSiTV, with current digital offering and brings hundreds of thousands readers, trending, breaking news as events happen in the country and around the world. With a growing daily unique online audience, ssitv.africa is one of the fastest growing news and entertainment websites in South Africa.

Sharp Sharp iT has an established loyal base, is due to its commitment to delivering fresh, original content to its audiences, with the aid of cutting-edge strategies from South Africa’s most talented staff. People trust our brands. With diversity being our key objective, development and implementation of relevant communication and internet technologies .

Jobs in Sharp Sharp iT – What people do we need? Sharp Sharp iT hires of vacancies as experienced managers and young professionals who want to work in the field of modern internet technology company to develop and grow along with it. Us we need people-oriented results. The result gives the actual revenue. We need proactive, purposeful people who say „I’ll do it“ and brought the job to finish. We need people who grasp quickly and use the acquired knowledge into practice.


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Why Sharp Sharp iT Conglomerate?

Groundbreaking Work Opportunities

Because success in Sharp Sharp iT is due to the true professionals who work in it and are willing to share their knowledge with every new employee. Our work is rarely easy, but our staff get the opportunity to work on high-profile projects and innovative deals—where the stakes are high.

Clients know Clearly for our signature approach to serving their needs:

  • Skilled resolution of high-profile, complex and business challenges
  • A sharp focus on the issues that matter most
  • A commitment to addressing our clients’ immediate needs and advancing their longer-term strategic goals
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Work Environment

Family atmosphere

We appreciate the people around us with their work and effort. Mutually support each other and pay each other the necessary time and attention. Respect. It is our imperative. We respect our colleagues, partners and clients. Any feedback and suggestion to us is extremely important.

Confidence. We are proud of what we are and what we do. We are confident that we give the best of yourself. We strive for long-lasting connections with our customers and partners and commitment to innovation success opportunities.

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Aims and Objectives


We strive for a better life. We offer solutions for your growing needs. Earn respect through our reliability and proven success. Become wiser as we learn and share our knowledge and experience. Guide for us is our corporate social responsibility.

Our goal is to expand our markets by becoming a voice for readers who are still struggling to be represented by media corporations in South Africa.

Our advantage is in the management of the variety of valuable products and the result of our personal approach with our people. Success due to shared ideas, creativity and innovative thinking.

  • Аlways aiming for success
  • Professional Development
  • Individual and integrated approach
  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Focus on results
  • Honesty, openness, decency
  • Support our clients


Our word and reputation

Focus on customers and partners. Satisfied customers and partners are our main goal!

Together we aspire further, think big, and work purposefully.

People & Values

At the heart of our organization are: – People who build relationships based on teamwork, mutual respect and support – people with confidence, energy and motivation to achieve results – The basis of our long-term vision for success is the focus on customers and partners.