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Creative things to do when indoors and bored

Creative things to do when indoors and bored

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Tie-dye an outfit. Who doesn’t love a craft you can wear?

Paint a picture. Unwind with a DIY sip and paint — there are so many painting tutorials on YouTube. Plus, you can pick up a solid set of water colors for under $10.

Start scrapbooking. Relive your favorite vacations and childhood memories as you preserve them for posterity in a fun, personalized photo album.

Make pottery. For a craft that gets your hands pleasantly dirty and results in something pretty and useful, try throwing some homemade pottery.

Make jewelry that matches your style. With the right DIY jewelry kit, it’s unbelievably easy to update your collection.

Learn a how to do new hairstyle. We’d save anything involving scissors for the professionals, but French braids, creative ponytails and space buns are all super easy to master.

Start a new book. If you’ve run through your TV queue, go analog. Try one of the best books of 2021 to transport yourself to another world or join the GH Book Club.

Download an audiobook. If you have a hard time focusing your attention enough to read in print, try audiobooks for listening on the go or when doing chores or cooking a meal. The best of the best will make the hours fly by.

Listen to a new podcast. If you’ve never tried podcasts, there’s a whole world out there for you to discover. From true crime podcasts to comedy podcasts, there’s a pod for every taste.

Try a coloring app. Adult coloring books are available in-stores and in mobile app stores, so you can get in on the fun right from your couch. Start with Colorfy and Happy Color.

Make a custom photo book. You don’t need the talent of Michelangelo to create a memorable photo book. A variety of online services can help you collect your photos into a beautiful keepsake.

Change up your décor. From the bedroom to living room to kitchen, even just rearranging your furniture or moving tchotchkes around a little will feel fresh.

Make some wall art. You don’t need to be a master painter to DIY some of these fabulous wall decor ideas.

Whip up a new recipe. Stop opening and closing the fridge hoping new snacks will magically appear. Take matters into your own hand and make your own tasty treat.

Craft a complex meal. To fill a dreary afternoon, dive into a complicated cooking project. Create a four-course meal, make pasta from scratch, or just try your hand at a cuisine you’ve never made before.

Bake cookies. Choose a healthy cookie recipe to learn a new way to throw down in the baking aisle.

Learn cake decorating. If you’re in awe of the gorgeous creations at your local bakery or on one of zillions of baking shows, get in on the game. Cake decorating kits can help your make your own masterpiece.

Make homemade ice cream. Give Ben & Jerry a run for their money and customize your sundae. Simply combine your favorite ingredients in an ice cream maker and grab a spoon.

Indulge in a sundae bar. Set out ice cream and toppings like candy, mini chocolate chips, shaved chocolate, sprinkles, various syrups and whipped cream — the sky’s the limit. If it’s cold out, turn it into a hot cocoa bar instead.

Eat breakfast for dinner. Go for pancakes, omelettes, eggs and bacon, the works. Don’t forget the mimosas or Bloody Mary’s and eat in your pj’s to really go for it.

Build a gingerbread house. They’re not just for the holiday season anymore. Just don’t eat all of your materials before putting on the finishing touches.

Work on your wish list. Go ahead, dream big for the next holiday. Put together a wish list of items (or experiences) you have your eye on, so you won’t be caught off guard when Santa comes around.

Become a YouTube or TikTok star. Pretend you’re Julia Child and film your own cooking show, or teach the camera how to DIY a craft or organization technique. The lifestyle of the rich and famous awaits.

Put together a care package. Take the focus off your own doldrums by making a friend or family member feel extra special. Mail them a package full of their favorite things (perhaps some of our favorite wellness gifts?).

Write to a deployed soldier. Many military members who are deployed far from home can get homesick, especially if they don’t have family or friends who write to them. Help connect them with someone who cares by writing a solider a letter.

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