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Generations The Legacy: Sphe threatens to kill Philani this week!

The battle is over, and the War begins on Generations The Legacy this week.

Last week we dealt with the end of a horrible era. In the Winston era, when Sphe hired Philani to help eradicate the problem, she didn’t know she was creating a bigger one.

The deal between Sphe and Philani was her shares. Philani wanted them, and he would do anything to get them, even kill them!

Nothing has changed 9n that front, meaning he is still willing to kill for those shares.

It’s a dog eats dog world.

On this week’s highlights, Ayanda is heard saying that the meeting for the selling of the shares is coming and that it will be a bloodbath.

Kabisi is after Sphe’s shares and uses Philani to get them. Philani is heard telling Sphe that he will deal with Nkosiyabo, and she doesn’t understand what he means because she knows exactly what he is capable of.

Their relationship has changed since the death of Winston. Philani tells Sphe that she doesn’t use her mind.

Nkosiyabo suspects that Philani is holding something over Sphe’s head. He doesn’t know Philani could send Sphe to jail for years with what he has on her.

Philani tells Sphe that he won’t let Nkosiyabo steal his shares and that when Sphe threatens to kill him.

Nkosiyabo is after Sphe’s shares as well.

Nkosiyabo on Generations The Legacy. Credit: Twitter/Generations

The share will sell on Thursday, but according to the teasers, one man will be happy, and the other will be very disappointed and angry.

Moving on to other stories this week.

Ayanda’s secret love affair with Nkosiyabo threatens to explode in the open. Zondiwe found her lingerie and knew that she wasn’t meeting with Pele.

A few questions come to mind about Ayanda having an affair with Nkosiyabo.

1. Is she in love with him?

2. Has she stopped loving Dali?

3. What will Dali do when he finds out?

4. Why 8s she doing this at all?

Moving on to Pamela

She has been playing cat and mouse with Lelethu for far too long. Lelethu has shown interest in her, but she constantly pushes him away. In one episode last week, we saw that she got jealous when Lelethu was talking to another woman.

Also, is there an attraction between her and Luyolo? It said that she is more confused than ever, could it be because she is caught between two guys?

For more answers to these questions, time into Generations The Legacy at 20h00 during weekdays on SABC1.

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