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Gomora actress ‘Asanda’ Bukiwe Keva’s big transformation will impress you

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Actress Bukiwe Keva who plays the role of Asanda on Gomora has impressed her followers with the latest make-up skills and facial transformation. Famous for pretty looks, Asanda quickly becomes a fan favorite and social media celebrity due to her fashion sense and makeup skills.

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On Gomora, the Asanda character is a Gomora High School student who thrives on  causing trouble. She has a cat and mouse relationship with Sibongile and Tshiamo. She is always on the wrong side of school rules.

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Asanda fell prey to the hands of Gomora villains Brains and Sdumo. They were on a sponsored mission to cause havoc in the community by kidnapping school girls. She was rescued from the jaws of the thugs by MaSonto .

Though she dodges bullets on Gomora, Bukiwe Keva keeps winning in real life. The Gomora role opened lucrative doors in her professional life. She recently signed a mega-deal with Renault Bryanston where she was offered to drive around in a new Renault Clio.

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Bukiwe expressed her gratitude to the Renault family for the opportunity offered and for being entrusted with their brand.

It is with immense pride that I represent this sexy incredible brand. No doubt that The new Clio is the sexiest yet fast comfortable machine. Such a privilege to be part of this Family.

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After the recent Gomora episode where Asanda gave a wrong answer in an English double verbs lesson and got tossed around by Mr. Faku (Moshe Ndiki) to do “ice cream”, she went on social media and posted a hilarious response in a make-up video. Seemingly having failed to do a make-up transformation attempt, Bukiwe got a mojo and delivered the final beautiful face with top-notch make-up. Her fans were left in awe of her new look.

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