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Heavy K And MacG’s Beef is escalating

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Heavy K was misquoted by MacG a few days ago after he preferred the original version of Black Coffee who said the Drumboss said the album was ‘pap,’ meaning bad.
MacG discussed a recent experience with Black Coffee at an event on his Monday show, and how it went.

“Black Coffee is a chiller bro, he remembers every single thing we have ever said about him on the podcast,” he said.

He then took it to the interview he did with Heavy K. “I think we did an interview with Heavy K, I even forgot about that interview, and Heavy K even said the album Black Coffee won a Grammy for was pap,” said MacG.

This clearly did not sit well with Heavy K, who defended himself by bringing up an old interview. “The old Black Coffee is one that inspired me. I can say t0hat the new Coffee, is a very smart grootman. He calculates everything. There are places that he has been to that I have not been to. Maybe he has seen doors for him to explore, but for me it will always be that old sound.”

He added, “One thing I won’t allow is for people to lie on my name or project me as something I’m not just to push their narrative.”

To clear his name, he also slipped into Black Coffee’s DM.

In today’s episode, Mac G addressed the issue by saying that Heavy K called him to discuss the situation, but he couldn’t talk to him for more than 15 minutes because his son was sick.

He further accused Heavy K of being narcissistic since he was “trying to be there for his son on that particular day.”

Heavy K responded to the episode by saying he has no beef with MacG.

“To set the record straight, I have no beef with MacG I just wanted him to clear things up on the same platform he used to discredit me. I fixed things with Coffee already so no apology needed, back to work… Beef won’t feed our kids, let’s focus,” he tweeted.

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