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How to balance work and social life like a pro

How to balance work and social life like a pro

The secret to having a fulfilling life is being able to balance work and social life. Your social connections allow you to have emotional links with people that you like and are comfortable with, whereas work supplies your financial needs to sustain your life.

While both your professional and social life are important, sometimes it can be hard to strike a balance. The effect is that you may end up suffering from burnout in case you are too focused on social life or emotional issues in case you have no social life.

Here are a few tips you can use to strike the balance and enjoy the benefits of a career and a social life.

Do not carry work home

How to balance work and social life like a pro

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Instead of over-committing to the point of taking your job with you when you leave work in the evening, take up tasks that will allow you time to engage with family and friends. Make it a point to check on a friend or two in the evening when you are unwinding and getting ready for bed.

Spare the weekends for social affairs

Make the weekends for social affairs strictly and not work at all. Take this time to visit friends and to engage in important rites of passage like weddings and welcoming a newborn. Take time off to rest too otherwise you may experience burn out which will make you very unproductive both at work and in your social circle.

How to balance work and social life like a pro

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Get friends within your profession

This is to make it easy for you to have a social life if your work-life proves to be too demanding. Make a friend or two with whom you can share heart to heart moments while at the same time respecting each other’s profession.

The good thing with such friendships is they come with an understanding that work-life can be too demanding thus calling for you to make the most of your time together whenever you get a chance.

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Create social media groups

These have proven to be very effective especially when you wish to keep in touch with a bigger social group within the limits of time. The group you create allows you to keep tabs on everyone’s upcoming events and if need be you can pick up conversations on the side with individual members of the group. This has been a great way to also create close links between a network of mutual friends.

Schedule your meetups

Being intentional about your friendships and family may sometimes call for schedules. This may mean slotting in a meetup with a friend whenever a chance shows up. This reassures your family and friends and it also gives you your deserved break from work.

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