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Is King Khoisan SA really a king?

With allegations of fraud and claims of King Khoisan SA, squatting at the Union Buildings, being an impostor, could the real king please stand up?…

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With allegations of fraud and claims of King Khoisan SA, squatting at the Union Buildings, being an impostor, could the real king please stand up?

Ikeraam Korana from the Independent Leaders Organisation said Michael Links, Urukx’aob Khoeb Abdul Hamid Ntetha and himself were connected historically and tribally, unlike the self-proclaimed king.

Korana said that King Khoisan SA is no king and has no indigenous identity.

“Khoisan is not an identity, nor an indigenous identity. There is no such thing as Khoisan people in South Africa. Never was. It’s Khwe, not Khoisan,” he said.

Korana said under Khwe there were several tribes and clans all over South Africa and even in neighbouring countries, which still exist to this very day.

“He didn’t even know that he is not connected to those surviving bloodline families, so his claim to be king is fraudulent and cultural genocide. There is no such thing as a Khoisan.

The name was invented by German anthropologists Leonard Schultz in 1928, after the genocide of the Herero and Nama in Namibia,” Korana said.

Korana said if this kind of Khoisan people existed from 1928, it meant Khoisan people had no right to land.

“Even the terms Afrikaner and Coloured exist before the term Khoisan,” he said.

Korana said the Khoisan term was no better than the terms Coloured and Kleurling. He said no one should ever become a chief or a king through community activism or through political activism.

“You cannot group people that are not related to each other, then you choose your chief or your king,” he said.

Korana said there were too many fraudsters, pretenders and impostors running around as chiefs and kings and should be charged with false representation or misrepresentation.

“They need to be charged criminally,” he said. Next to King Khoisan SA’s camp are more indigenous people camping at the Union Buildings.

“He is not our king and he is not a king,” said one of the residents.

“He wasn’t chosen or elected by us,” another one added.

King Khoisan SA, allegedly formerly Rudwan Triegard, said he is registered as King Khoisan SA.

“Khoi and Khoe is the same thing, the one is how you say it and the other how you write it,” he explained.

King Khoisan SA said like the Zulus who write Radebe and pronounce it with a G and said it was the same with the Khoi word.

“Under the word kingship there wasn’t a written word for a king,” he said.

He said for an average person to use the word king make it easier than to pronounce the Khoi words.

“A bishop from Cape Town said God told him to anoint me as the king and in 2018, in a church, a prophet told him something similar. I didn’t believe it until the bishop came to anoint me,” he said.

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