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‘It Took a Long Time to Learn Not to Put my Hands on People’: Keyshia Cole Recalls Incident That Led to the Demise of Her Friendship with Eve 

Singer Keyshia Cole recounted during an episode of “Uncensored” on March 6, the particular event that caused the dismantling of her friendship with rapper Eve.

“Uncensored,” which airs Sundays on TV One, is a documentary series that gives fans an intimate look at celebrities’ lives. The show first premiered in 2018.

Keyshia Cole revealed during an episode of “Uncensored” the incident that led to her friendship dissolving with Eve. Photo:@tvonetv/Instagram

In the TV One promo shared on the network’s official Instagram account, Keyshia explained how she lived in Oakland, California, and how most people, including her, would react when conflict arose.

She said, “When I came straight from Oakland [California], it was still in me. The disrespect, things that would happen, how we handle it from the ‘hood. It was like, we just fight. It took a long time to learn to not put my hands on people; you know what I’m saying.”

Cole added, while describing the encounter that occurred with an unidentified woman while she and Eve were leaving a location, “There was a thing that happened with Eve. We’re walking out, and somebody grabbed her bag or something like that and I kind of turned around and slapped the girl. It was like, girl, what is you doing? Back up.”

She said that the incident with the unnamed woman ultimately resulted in the dissolving of her friendship with Eve. “Eve is really pissed off about that; like we stopped hanging out. She was like ‘I can’t hang with Keyshia like she can’t be slapping people.’ “

Keyshia Cole (left) and Eve (right) Photo:@keyshiacole @therealeve/Instagram

Cole, who claimed at the time that she was taken aback by Eve’s comments, explained she now understands why the rapper’s demeanor changed toward her following the incident.

The 40-year-old said, “I was like ‘I slapped somebody for you, what the f–k is this ?’ But then it taught me a lot later too because being who I am today, she can get sued too. Me being a part of her crew, I just should’ve left it to security. Somebody gets paid for that; you know what I mean.”

As fans began to view the network’s teaser, many commended Cole for her transparency and growth.

“@keyshiacole so proud of her growth.”

“Growth is a beautiful thing!”

“This is funny but oh so real! So many people take harmful behaviors with them on the way to the top. Keyshia has definitely grown a lot throughout her career.”

“Keyshia has grown so much!”

The current state of Keyshia and Eve’s relationship is unclear.

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