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Jeep Specialist in Vereeniging

Your Jeep Specialist in Vereeniging, Chrysler, Dodge dealer is happy to help you when you need a brake repair. We all know how dangerous faulty brakes can be

Problems with your headlights are not only irritating, but also impair your visibility and are a safety risk, especially on dark roads in inclement weather conditions. The South African Automobile Association warns that 50 percent of crashes occur at night. Here is how to spot issues and get new headlights from your, Jeep dealership before you are left in the dark on the road at night.


Jeep Specialist in Vereeniging – Chrysler – Dodge

Old Bulbs

Over time bulbs grow dimmer, start to fade, and don’t provide enough light to see the road ahead. If the headlights are still dim after you’ve replaced the bulbs, a wiring issue might be causing the problem. Ask your Jeep technician to fix the issue.  

Burnt-Out Bulbs

You notice that the road ahead is not as well lit as you’re used to, and when you check to see, one of your car’s headlight bulbs has burnt out. This usually means that the other is already dimmer and will soon stop working. Headlight bulbs come in pairs and are replaced at the same time. When one burns out, the other one will also stop working soon.

Some cars have one bulb for low and high beams, and older vehicles use two bulbs, a bulb for the low beams and another for the high beams. It’s best to replace all the bulbs simultaneously to light up the road evenly for better visibility.

Bulbs Burning Out Frequently

If your headlight bulbs keep burning out and you need to fork out cash regularly to replace the bulbs, the problem could be caused by either a loose connection or a corroded socket. Ask your Jeep technician to take a look.

Dim and Fading Headlights

When your headlights are suddenly dimmer than they used to be, it could be from dust and road dirt on the headlight covers. The dirt will prevent enough light from shining through the covers. Dimness could also be caused by yellowing and cloudy covers due to sunlight damage.

Jeep Specialist in Vereeniging – Chrysler – Dodge

Flickering Headlights

When bulbs start to flicker, they will soon stop working altogether. See flickering headlights as a warning sign to replace the bulb as soon as you can before they wear out. Worn or damaged bulb filament will cause your headlights to flicker, but it could also be due to a bad connection or socket. Your Jeep technician will identify what’s causing the issue and fix it in a flash.

High Beam Problems

Your low beams are working just fine, but nothing happens when you switch to high beams. The problem is usually caused by either a burnt-out bulb or a blown-out fuse. Wiring issues can also cause all sorts of issues. Ask Your Jeep technician to check your car’s headlights and solve the high beam problem.

Blown Fuses

When you struggle with headlight problems due to blown fuses, there might be an electrical or wiring problem that needs fixing. Continuously replacing blown fuses won’t solve the problem. Your Jeep technician will get to the root of the problem fast and fix it once and for all.  

Headlight bulbs age, and over time they turn yellow, become dimmer, fade, and eventually burn out. Maintenance services at your dealership include headlight and bulb inspections to ensure that your headlights are always in good working condition.

There is no need to struggle with headlight issues; visit Soshaba Trading Enterprise Jeep of vereeniging today, and qualified Jeep technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s headlights to ensure safe nighttime driving.

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