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Lasizwe says he is ready to show off his new bae to the world


South African YouTuber and reality television star Lasizwe says he is ready to show off his new bae to the world. Guys I’m so considering…

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South African YouTuber and reality television star Lasizwe says he is ready to show off his new bae to the world. Guys I’m so considering posting my partner, should I? Yes or no? I know some of you guys are going to say are forgetting what happened last year?

“Last year is last year guys and one thing about me – I believe in indoda and I will die on a hill for Indoda soo should I do?” He said on his Instagram stories.

In mid-2020 Lasizwe couldn’t stop talking about how madly in love he was. One weekend he went to the airport to drop off his bae and then bumped into him at Great Dane with someone else. This left him heartbroken.

Anyone who was following Lasizwe at the time would remember how heartbroken he was. My thing is when I saw him, I was so shocked. Because you saw my stories that I was crying.


“I went through like the most like I have lost a limb. And even though our relationship is two seconds old, but I’ve known you for a good year and you’ve been trying to get with me for six months and finally I’ve given you a chance.

And we’ve been seeing each other for 6 months and seeing you at Great Dane when I dropped you off at the airport with the flights I bought you,” said Lasizwe about the whole thing.

In October 2020 Lasizwe revealed that he doesn’t want to get in a relationship going forward but rather a situationship.

“I have come to conclusion that I want a situationship and not a relationship going forward. Basically I am here for a good time not a long time because I excel with flying colours in a situationship and The best part is the trading hours set up that comes with a situationship,” the tweet read.

In October 2021 he announced on social media that he had checked himself into a mental institution

I have checked myself into a Mental Health Wellness Facility. I haven’t been okay for the past months. I have been so depressed. I have decided to fight this by taking a break and dealing with this 1 on 1,” he said.

Shortly after he was spotted out partying and received backlash on social media. Responding to his fans, he said that he and his team failed to reiterate that the video was uploaded toward the end of his journey.

“I believe on their side and my side, we failed to also reiterate that, and say that guys this is towards the end of my journey, so everyone was under the impression that I am still in the facility. And I also, on my end, failed to update you guys that I am out, I am doing well,” he continued.

“I am good. I’m back, I’m working, and the show has to go on… this is not something that comes and goes, it’s something that is stuck with you for life and we’re stuck together with this. But we’re going to win this.

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