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Mother of Young Thug’s Child Shot and Killed Over Bowling Alley Dispute

The mother of Young Thug’s child was reportedly shot and killed at an Atlanta bowling alley.

LaKevia Jackson, 31, was attending a birthday party at Metro Fun Center on Thursday evening (March 17) when she was gunned down over what Atlanta police say was a dispute over a bowling ball.

Investigators tell CBS46 that Jackson got into a fight that escalated into gunfire. She was apparently shot as she was leaving the bowling alley after celebrating her best friend’s birthday.

The woman has been identified as the mother of Young Thug’s 14-year-old son, Kyvion Jackson, according to CBS46 reporter Tori Cooper. The two met before Thug was famous while they were both living in the same apartment complex.

Lakevia’s mother just told me that rapper Young Thug is the father of her 14-year-old grandson, Kyvion Jackson.They met before he was famous while they were both living in the same apt. complex. He grandson, “Isn’t doing well” she gave me this pic of him& Lakevia. @cbs46 pic.twitter.com/CQDlpvTDgv

— Tori Cooper (@toricoooper) March 18, 2022

Jackson’s mother claims that the suspect waited 20 minutes in the parking lot for her daughter before shooting her.

I just spoke to LaKevia Jackson’s mom.She says LaKevia went to her best friends birthday @ bowlingalley,a fight over the bowling ball happened then the suspect waited 20 mins in the parking lot for LaKevia before he shot her while she was leaving.Her mom gave me this pic. @cbs46 pic.twitter.com/eycEb1lhOe

— Tori Cooper (@toricoooper) March 18, 2022

“I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I talked to my baby,” said Sherina Jackson. “I could hear her over the phone crying and screaming then her best friend said she’s not breathing!”

“I lost my baby all over a bowling ball,” she added.

The Atlanta Police Department is closing in on an arrest based on ballistic and surveillance evidence, along with witness testimony, gathered from the scene.

“This is truly an atrocity. A young lady has lost her life over a bowling ball,” said APD Homicide Commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk. “We know who are so go ahead and turn yourself in.”

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