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‘Must Have Forgot Who the F-ck I Am’: Rick Ross Declines to Pay $10K to Cut Down Trees at Massive Atlanta Estate, Does It Himself


Rick Ross is redefining what it means to be a boss. An actual head honcho knows the value of a dollar — like when it’s…

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Rick Ross is redefining what it means to be a boss. An actual head honcho knows the value of a dollar — like when it’s OK to splurge on yourself and purchase an Angus bull. However, he also knows the power in saving an extra $10,000 by cutting down the trees on his property instead of hiring a team.

The 46-year-old continues to surprise fans online with his spending habits after recently revealing he refused to spend $10,000 to cut down ten trees in his yard at his 235-acre Atlanta-area estate he calls “Promised Land.”

The “Aston Martin Music” took to his Instagram Stories on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 26, where he bawled over the massive task. “I just got my estimate. I got like ten trees I want to cut down,” he said in the nearly two-minute clip.

Ross said the company reasoned behind the hefty bill, but the Grammy-nominated artist was not budging. “They say, ‘Them big trees, them big oak trees, Rozay.’ I said, ‘I don’t care. I need them cut down. They f-cking up the vibe right there.’ N-gga told me $1,000 a tree for ten trees, that’s $10,000,” he continued.

“OK, I just told my homie, ‘You go to Home Depot, and you get me the biggest muthaf-ckin saw there is, with a big chain, and you crank that muthaf-cka. I’mma cut the trees down,’” the “Mafia Music” rapper added.

In a later clip, Ross has donned a cowboy hat and is outside in a stand of pine trees and using a chain saw to cut into the trunk of one of them. “Must have forgot who the f-ck I am,” Ross boasted. “I’m hands on, I’ll cut down my own muthaf-ckin trees. You can’t charge the boss $1,000 a tree to cut it down. I’ll cut down my own muthaf-ckin trees. I gotta make room for my animals. I’m the biggest boss. Y’all ready to cut these trees down?”

The entertainer effortlessly takes down the mighty tree. Elsewhere, Ross noted that it was important he cleared some space on his massive estate — formerly owned by boxing legend Evander Holyfield — to make room for “my animals.”

Earlier this month, Ross wow fans online when he shared that he had recently bought a bull — a purchase which could cost anywhere between $5,000 to $8,000 – sharing a video of the 10-month-old Angus. While the new Ross member had no name at the time, the rapper said he was “happier than a motherf–ker.”

He added, “This is a dream come true for Rozay. You know what this for a young boy from Carol City [Florida] to have horses and now a big boy at it.”

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