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Muvhango actor rapes his girlfriend, an actress

An actress says she wants justice and won’t stop until her alleged rapist, who is her boyfriend, is behind bars.

She told the publication that her spirit has been dented and she feels violated. The Durban Gen actress said she has opened a rape case against the actor from Muvhango.

She claims that he repeatedly raped her from October to November last year.

The woman said because they were dating, she was reluctant on open a case against him.

“I used to beg him to stop but he really wanted to do whatever he wanted to do till he was satisfied.

“I tried to show him that what he was doing was wrong but he just wouldn’t listen,” she said.

She told the publication that she decided to end the relationship and open a case because she could see that this was breaking her.

She said this has affected her badly because she’s always emotional and she’s drained. The actress said when she told him that she’s opening a rape case against him, he was arrogant and blocked her on all social media platforms.

“He really didn’t care and didn’t even want to apologize. I was hoping he’d reach out and see that he violated me but be didn’t,” she said.

What shocked her, she said, is that her boyfriend knew that she was going through some personal problems.

He is the one who suggested I go for counselling but wouldn’t give me a chance to heal. I was hurt when she I realised that he actually didn’t care about my health,” she said.

“Some days when I came from my therapist, he’d force himself on me even when I had promised to have s.e.x with him when I was feeling better later.

“She said three weeks ago, he decided to unblock her and told her that if she opens a case, he’ll kill himself.

The woman told the publication that they met on Facebook early last year and only met face to face in September.

Police spokesman Lieutenant-colonel Mavela Masondo confirmed that a rape case has been opened and is under investigation.

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