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Nonku Dragged For “Shading” Her Daughter

Nonku Dragged For “Shading” Her Daughter. Nonku Williams post with her daughter got taken way out of context by social media users. The majority of people thought Nonku was throwing shade at her own child when she posted a snap of them side-by-side saying she cannot tell who is the mother and who is the child between the two of them.

In awe over her daughter’s growth and her height, because she is clearly taller than her, the winemaker said, “Ok. I can’t tell…who’s the mother between the two?”

People thought her words were distasteful because it seems as though she was comparing her youth, with that of her own daughter. Some thought she was throwing shade but the entrepreneur quickly fired back and said people should just chill.

“Normally I wouldn’t respond to such comments but for the sake of my beloved daughter, I have to say PEOPLE CALM THE HECK DOWN!!!! She is my daughter! I know her more than any of you so please….I love her more than life itself. Please let’s all deal with OUR OWN ISSUES…REST,” she said.

People aired out their own disapproval of this and said Nonku was wrong for this.

“I find it so funny that people are using their own parents as examples here as if they can’t be wrong in this case. It’s actually wrong even if your parent does it, doesn’t make it okay. Cognitive dissonance much?”

“You are not hypersensitive she can’t do that already her teenage daughter has to worry about weight and now her mom comparing them now it’s not on. Her caption should have said best friends not that.”

“This is weird because you can tell she’s a baby by her face. How are you in competition with your underage child?”

“Imagine this being my mom, yoh now I can’t help but think about how this girl is probably getting bullied every day by her mom. The funniest thing about being fat is having skinnier older women swear up and down that they look younger than you. Like ma’am I don’t care please.”

“She’s complimenting herself at the expense of her daughter which is gross. She could’ve simply said “omg they grow up so fast” or some sh*t along the lines.”

Nonku was once in the news for her rumoured romance with sports broadcaster Robert Marawa.

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After spending some time with Robert, they sparked some dating rumours. Nonku set the record straight when she said she was introduced to Robert by her PR lady. Nonku said Robert is fascinated with red wine so it made sense for them to meet as Nonku owns a wine company called A2B Wine.

“I was introduced to Mr. Robert Marawa at the Easter Polo by my PR lady who has recently acquired my portfolio. She felt it was good for both parties to know each. But mostly because she knew Robert has an appreciation of red wine and that I own a wine brand (A2B wine).”

“[This] Past Saturday I was invited to the Standard Bank Polo in Joburg. I had promised to give Robert my red wine collection. Clearly the wine was superb and Robert appreciated it and gifted me with his MSW (Marawa Sports Worldwide) memorabilia…other than the work, there’s nothing to say. We are colleagues supporting each other’s businesses…”

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