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Recent Durban Gen episode upsets v1rgins

The Nomkhubulwane Culture and Youth Development Organisation in KZN is angry over what it’s calling the undermining of v1rginity testing by Durban Gen.

This was after the telenovela’s episode that aired on 10 May, where a Zulu maiden was rushed to hospital. She later confessed that she and other maidens put umhlwemhlwe (piece of goat fat) in their [email protected] to fool elders who were performing v1rginity testing into believing that they were still v1rgins.

President Nomagugu Ngobese said the episode was an insult to maidens and the culture of v1rginity testing.

“That episode was not necessary. Maidens, especially those participating in Umkhosi Womhlanga, are angry. This episode creates the impression that some of them are lying about their v1rginity status. It also creates the impression that not every girl who passes the test is a v1rgin. It’s an insult, but we are still drafting our memorandum for a planned march,” said Ngobese.

She added that to express their anger, they were planning to march to Durban Gen studios in Durban, with an attempt to force the show to apologize in public.

“We are trying to build a better future for the girls by encouraging them to abstain from having s.e.x before marriage.

“But, this show is working against our efforts. It decreases the level of confidence in our maidens.

It’s upsetting. There are a lot of things that the show can address, like crime and substance abuse, rather than tarnishing the image of our culture,” said Ngobese.

Stained Glass spokeswoman Nomfundo Zondi said they had not received any formal complaint.

“We will be able to decide on how to address the issue once we receive it,” said Zondi.

The show, that was canned by e.tv, is expected to air until January 2023.

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