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She is young: Durban Gen actress Nombulelo Mhlongo ‘Nurse She’s age gets Mzansi talking

She is young, Durban Gen actress Nombulelo Mhlongo ‘Nurse She’s age gets Mzansi talking.

Nombulelo Mhlongo has made a name for herself as a her role in Durban Gen as Nurse Snehlahla Mtshali. Sne’s Durban Gen character is a slay queen who likes to live the soft life. She will do anything to be the centre of attention.

At first, everyone knew that she wanted to land herself a rich man. A husband and would say no to the likes of Macgyver, who she said are not on her level.

Lucky was on her side when she found herself in Dr Zulu’s bed for a moment. Its bliss was short-lived as it all came crumbling down.

However, after they broke up. She found herself pregnant with Lindelani’s baby, and he wanted nothing to do with either of them.

As soon as she decided to take care of her baby without any man’s help, Dr Dhlomo came crashing into her world. At first, he was the man of her dreams, having a job as a surgeon and spoiling her with gifts which won her over.

However, Dhlomo started showing his abusive nature. Thus is when they were far too gone in their relationship, and Sne was pressured to marry him. Currently, she is living a cramped life with her abusive husband and trying to make it at work.

Actress Nombulelo Mhlongo’s age stuns Mzansi

In the drama series, Snehlahla plays the role of someone who looks like she is in her thirties. Someons who is facing pressure to settle down. However, that is not the case in real life as the actress is only 29years of age. She takes on her role effortlessly because of her body.

Viewers first fell in love with the actress when she landed her role in Skeem Saam. she was playing the role of Cassandra. Later on, she joined Uzalo with the role of Nomcebo, where she got the most attention before Durban Gen. His role as Sne in the medical drama series has turned out to be big break in her career.

When she is not playing pretend, the actress is a teacher of the art she is taking on. She is the founder of the Pan African space arts platform. She teaches young people the art of acting and drama as her way of giving back to society.

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