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The New Job of Sol Phenduka at Kaya 959 Angers Nota

I knew that Congratulations Sol was a paid promo… That’s how bad it is as a sell out you need to pay people to congratulate you on Twitter. Never seen anything more pathetic. Why would you stab MacG in the back like that? It’s not the first time & you were warned the last time!

— GOOD Authority (@lavidaNOTA) June 15, 2022

They’ll call you family & then stab you in the back for minimum payment… We can’t build solid black businesses because dudes don’t know how to play their roles. You can’t have your cake & eat it Sol. MacG might as well fire him now to save himself & all the chillers the trouble.

— GOOD Authority (@lavidaNOTA) June 15, 2022

Congratulations Sol is trending because the enemies of the Podcast are doing a victory dance. They thought Sol is the soul of the podcast but what they don’t know is that chillers will move on without him. Only this time he must make sure that Kaya pay him well because he’s done!

— GOOD Authority (@lavidaNOTA) June 15, 2022

Always knew @Solphendukaa was a sell out… I warned MacG that he’ll entertain radio offers & soon he’ll

choose between us chillers that saved his broadcasting career & the corporations that want to kill the podcast platform. Stupid choice but congrats to @dineoranaka!🔥👊🏽#SolDOut

— GOOD Authority (@lavidaNOTA) June 15, 2022

Sol Phenduka responded to Nota after he was welcomed to his Twitter space, which he refused to join and said his goodbyes to. Instead, Sol went to Musa Khawula’s Twitter Space to clear the air.

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