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Twitter thinks Palesa Madisakwane is still in love with her baby daddy Somizi

Tweeps have already started playing cupid as they reckon actress Palesa Madisakwane is still in love with her baby daddy Somizi Mhlongo.

This comes after Palesa gushed over how happy she was to tell her friends about Somizi when he was her “boyfriend.” Tweeps also noticed how she glowed when she also mentioned how happy she was when she was dubbed “Miss Party” at Somizi’s 21st birthday.

Do you guys think Palesa is still in love with Somizi? 😬#LTDWSOMIZI pic.twitter.com/pqYghIxKlP

— 🏳️‍🌈 G R A C I O U S ® ☺ (@_Thembalihle_) May 18, 2022

Tweeps can not help but believe that Palesa still has feelings for Somizi even though he is gay. Twitter users feel as though Palesa still loves Somizi and has a soft spot for him.

@ZeeRight; “Damn, Palesa really loved Somizi and seems to still do hey. The way she speaks about him it’s as if she’s hoping for a love back nyana #LTDWSOMIZI

@NkululekoXaba_; “Palesa kept all those photos from many years ago , you can’t tell me that she doesn’t have a soft spot for Somizi , also you could see the excitement in her face when she spoke about being Mrs party at Somizi’s 21st . LTDWSOMIZI

Meanwhile, Palesa Madisakwane recently opened up about only finding out the media personality was gay after she fell pregnant – on the latest episode of his reality show.

Twitter thinks Palesa Madisakwane is still in love with her baby daddy SomiziPalesa Madisakwane back in the day when they first met. She claims that she only discovered it on her own after she fell pregnant with Bahumi, their daughter.

Palesa went on to claim that she did not suspect anything about Somizi because he did not show any gay signs back then.

Her excitement and love for him could be the reason why she did not look further into his sexuality, she says.

“In my little girl mind, I thought I had a boyfriend. I would brag about him being part of Sarafina. He would come home driving a Gusheshe and didn’t act gay at all,” she said on the show.

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