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WATCH: Foreign nationals clash with Dudula Movement members in Alexandra

Businesses were disrupted in Alexandra’s Pan African Mall on Monday as community members who identified themselves as the Dudula Movement invaded the place in search of migrant employees and shop owners who did not have valid paperwork.

There have since been reports of clashes between foreign nationals and residents and videos of shops being forced to close have since surfaced on social media.

Members of the movement claimed they had been attacked by foreign nationals.

“We are being failed by law enforcement. We feel that they are oppressing us. If it was South Africa citizens who were throwing stones and attacking foreigners, masses would have been arrested by now. But they did not do anything when stones were being thrown by foreign nationals.”

There will be a shutdown from Tuesday in Alexandra that will see all shops being closed. According to one of the leaders, this will be done with law enforcement to ensure no violence ensues.

They have called on the department of home affairs to join them to address the issue of undocumented foreign nationals.

“We have kept quiet for a long time as the community of Alexandra. There is no one who is going to work or school tomorrow. There will not be any looting or fighting, we just want all the undocumented foreign nationals to go away. They must pack their bags and go.”

According to police spokesperson Brigadier Brenda Muridili, police officers posted at the Pan Africa Mall responded to the clashes, and when the number of people increased, the local police called the Public Order Police (POP) for reinforcement.

The POP managed to bring the situation under control.

Four people were injured during the clashes – three Mozambican men aged between 36 and 52 and a South African aged 38 years. The injured people were taken to a clinic for medical treatment.

One suspect, a South African man, was arrested for possession of an imitation firearm.

A case of public violence has been registered for investigation.

Businesses closing down. Shops forced to close as #Dudula Movement members intensify their Operation Fiyela in Alexandra, Johannesburg.#OperationDudula #PutSouthAficansFirst #foreigners pic.twitter.com/UrA10uMduh

— BEAST OF THE NEWS (@EversonLuhanga) March 7, 2022

Although the Dudula Movement is reported to be a separate organisation from Operation Dudula, which has held protest marches against foreign workers in the recent past, there was a noticeable trend between the two.

“We are not going anywhere. We are here to work.” These are the words of some of the evicted street vendors at Pan Africa Mall in Alexandra on Monday. #JobSeekersSA #foreigners #OperationDudula pic.twitter.com/XeY086OdTV

— BEAST OF THE NEWS (@EversonLuhanga) March 7, 2022

Earlier this year, members of the “Operation Dudula” targetted hawkers from their stalls at taxi ranks and around Soweto, Hillbrow, and other areas around Joburg.

#OperationDudula This man has been hit with a brick in Alex#SABCNEWS pic.twitter.com/ms4pqHV7w9

— Chriselda ‘Babes We Ndaba’ Lewis (@Chriseldalewis) March 7, 2022

#DudulaMovement Another man injured in standoff between South Africans and foreign nationals in Alexandra.#SABCNEWS pic.twitter.com/9zvqTTAmEa

— Chriselda ‘Babes We Ndaba’ Lewis (@Chriseldalewis) March 7, 2022

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