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What is the best football competition in Europe?

This is a fairly recurrent question. European football tournaments are by far the most famous and the most prodigious. They appeal to a larger audience and involve more resources.

Indeed, Europe is the football continent par excellence. It is home to the best leagues, the best football schools and the best players, such as Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo, Croatia’s Luka Modrić and France’s Kilian Mbappè. Given the notoriety and number of football tournaments in Europe, it is difficult to determine the best. Nevertheless, some stand out, which are as follows:

European Football Championship

The European Football Championship is the football competition that brings together the best teams on a national level. It also involves some of the most popular betting calculators in existence.

Established in 1956, this famous tournament organised by UEFA is a chance for national players to make a name for themselves on a large scale. The competition is a way for a minor player to get a shot at the starting line-up. Like any other tournament, it pits several European countries against each other and the winner takes home a beautiful cup followed by a gold medal. The European Championship is held every four years and attracts a large number of spectators and television viewers each year.

UEFA Champions League

The famous Champions League! The name speaks for itself. It is the football tournament that pits the distinguished clubs of the European continent against each other. Unlike the European Football Championship, this one is only for clubs. This competition does not involve national teams, so it brings together players from the four continents, players who have distinguished themselves during their various selections. The selection is therefore rigorous and tough. The Champions League is a competition between European club champions only. Still called the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, it was created in 1955 by UEFA and involves 32 teams (interclubs). The competition is held every year and the defending champion is Chelsea FC.

UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League is the most recent of all. It was introduced in 2018 and involves the men’s national teams of Europe. It is an international tournament organised by UEFA. It takes place every 2 years and is held in a carefully selected country. At the end of the tournament, a cup is awarded and the winners can aspire to a better career. Several teams have won, but the most successful are France (defending champion) and Portugal.

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